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Eurocars Crete: Rental Cars for Panormo

You can pick up and return your Eurocars rental car for your holidays in Panormo in Crete at the airport of Heraklion or the airport of Chania, or at the ports of Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania/Souda, or straight at your hotel in Panormo.

Panormo: Site Map

The fishing village of Panormo on the island of Crete is the perfect holiday destination for those who prefer a more relaxed way of tourism.

The location on the north coast of Crete, just 21 km east of the district capital of Rethymnon also allows to participate in urban living and using the numerous water sports facilities halfway to the city, but in Panormo it is still much more contemplative than in the city and its hotel suburbs.

In the small bay of Panormo there is a peninsula with a pier which edges a small fishing port and an even smaller sandy beach, and shields them from the waves on windy days. A second, slightly larger sandy beach is located on the other side of the peninsula.

On the cliff at the tip of the peninsula, above the port and the pier, there is the Porto Parasiris restaurant. It differs from the usual tavernas, and the menu includes some special features. Why not try the Pandora salad and the pork fillet rolls with mushrooms in a Madeira sauce ...

South of the port there is the village center with a crossroad where the post office stands. The crossroad is being closed for motor traffic in the summer, because the neighbouring tavernas place their tables there and use it as an open-air restaurant.

Immediately opposite the post office there is Makis' Taverna which also deserves special reference. Makis wraps the chicken pieces which he uses for his chicken souvlaki in thin slices of ham, and also some other of his dishes have a special touch ...

A few thousand years ago things were more lively in Panormo than they are today, as here was the port of the 22 km inland Minoan town of Eleftherna which in those times was one of the largest in Crete.

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The excavation works there are still far from complete, and the archaeologists suspect by now that Eleftherna could even have been a bit bigger than Knossos, so for those times it was a real metropolis with an extensive merchandise movement which due to the lack of roads was predominantly processed over the port of Panormo.

But that was long ago. Today there is a highway which conveniently guides you from from Heraklion Airport to Panormo, and rent-a-car companies such as Eurocars Crete prepare your rental car straight at the airport and take it back there as well.

Instead, you can have your rental car delivered to your hotel in Panormo and drop it off there as well. Although the ride on the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel and back is less comfortable than by hired car, this can be an inexpensive alternative if you have lots of luggage.

For more about Panormo, see http://www.panormo.cretanet.com.

More detailed questions on car hire for Panormo we are happy to answer via email to panormo@eurocars-crete.com.

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