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Our car rental rates are final and always include
FDW Insurance without Excess Fee
There are no hidden costs.
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Insurance Coverages

Eurocars customers and rental cars are protected by the following insurances:

FCI - Fully Comprehensive Insurance
covering all material damages which are caused to the rented car during the rental period by the authorized drivers

CDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver or Excess Insurance
protects you from the excess costs which you would otherwise have to pay if your hired car gets damaged or stolen

PAI - Personal Accident Insurance
covering bodily injuries of passengers and authorized drivers

TPI - Third Party Insurance
covering bodily injuries and material damages against third persons

TLW - Theft Liability Waiver and Fire Insurance
without excess fee

TWU - Tires, Wheels and Underbody Insurance
covers damages to the tires, the wheels and the underbody of the rental car which occur while driving on public roads

Glass breakage and Mirrors Insurance
without excess fee

Roadside Assistance
all over Crete

What is an "Excess Fee"?

What is the "CDW - Super Collision Damage Waiver / Excess Insurance"?


The insurance only covers damages which occur during normal, agreed-upon use of the rented car. They will therefore not pay if ...

the tenant or the authorized driver is driving under the influence of alcohol etc.,

the tenant, the authorized driver or a passenger deliberately inflicts damage or destroys the hired car (vandalism),

anyone else than the persons who are listed in the rental agreement drives the rental car, or

the rental contract expired and the rented car has not been returned to the renter.

The insurance for Tires, Wheels and Underbody

covers only those damages which occur during using the hired car on public roads.

Personal Belongings

inside the rental car such as cameras, wallets etc. are not covered by the insurance.

Traffic Fines

are to be paid by the tenant.

Key Loss or Damage

is not covered by any insurance. The tenant has the full responsibility to pay for the lost or broken key and also to bear the transfer costs.

In case that you should lock the key in the rented car, the car rental company can help straight. They will send an employee with another rental car to bring the spare key to you.

Transfer costs depend on the distance to the station where the spare key is being stored.

The coverage levels of all insurances for drivers, passengers and third parties comply with the current insurance legislation. They are specified in the insurance policy issued by the insurance company which Eurocars Rent-a-Car Crete cooperates with.

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