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Eurocars Crete: Car Rental Company for Hersonissos

You can pick up and return your Eurocars rental car for your holidays in Hersonissos in Crete at the airport of Heraklion or the airport of Chania, or at the ports of Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania/Souda, or straight at your hotel in Hersonissos.

Hersonissos: Site Map

Hersonissos is the Greek word for peninsula. When having a look at the map, this seems to be greatly exaggerated as in this area the coast of the island of Crete does not show more than just a soft bend. However, several beautiful sandy beaches split up along this bend over a distance of several kilometers, and Hersonissos is therefore among the nucleuses of tourism in Crete.

The former fishing village named Hersonissos is not even located on the coast but about 2 kilometers inland. Immediately by the sea there is in fact a tiny peninsula. The likewise tiny church of Sta. Paraskevi stands on it, and by the southern bank of this peninsula there is a small port.

This is the former fishing port of the village of Hersonissos, in Greek Limenas Hersonisou or shorter Limin Hersonisou. In the old times, some houses were standing on the section of the coast South of the port. Then came some hotels, and finally grew the tourism center which today is simply being called Hersonissos.

Who books Hersonissos at his local travel agency might however find himself or herself at Anissaras. That is another tiny peninsula by the northern tip of this section of the coast, which means North of the port peninsula where the church of Sta. Paraskevi is standing.

There, some 3 kilometers North-West of Limenas Hersonisou there are many large new hotels, because on the north side of this small peninsula there is a very long sandy beach. And from there you can also watch the charter airplanes very well which come to land at the airport of Heraklion.

There are more big new hotels above the coast in the neighbourhood of the tiny villages of Piskopiano and Koutouloufari, and further on eastward until short before Stalida (see Malia for details), and all of them are listed in the tour operators' catalogues under Hersonissos. Distances to the beach and to Limenas Hersonisou can easily be several kilometers.

In case that you do not intend to spend your holidays in "Hersonissos" only by your hotel swimming pool, it will be a good idea to hire a rental car e.g. at Eurocars Rent-a-Car.

For any questions about renting a car for Hersonissos, you can use our mailbox hersonissos@eurocars-crete.com.

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