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The airport of Heraklion (HER) is named after Nikos Kazantzakis who was the most famous writer from the island of Crete. In his works, Liberty or Death and Alexis Zorbas he described the Greek and especially the Cretan attitude towards life in a particularly impressive way.
For tourism in Greece, the airport of Heraklion is the central address. According to the number of passengers, it is the second biggest in Greece. Only in Athens more passengers are being dispatched than here.
At the airport of Heraklion, the Rent-a-Car Company Eurocars Crete has a point of presence.
Our employees will wait for you at our parking lot, deliver your rental car to you and give you a brief introduction. Upon request, they will also explain about the way to your holiday destination.

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You can get your rental car for Crete round the clock. A night surcharge will be levied from 11:00 pm until 8:00 am.
Vehicles can be dropped off around the clock, and without a night surcharge. The rental rates include the parking fee at the airport.
For questions about car hire at Heraklion airport, you can also reach us by email to heraklion@eurocars-crete.com.
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Heraklion Airport
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