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Why do Car Rental Brokers appear to be so cheap,
and how realistic are those dumping rates?
When you are looking for a rental car in Crete, you will find many car rental brokers who show you exactly what you want to see: very low rates compared to the official pricelists of the rent-a-car companies on the scene.

Why can they do this?

Because they do not run their own rent-a-car company. They just publish some websites and try to collect a very big number of reservations in order to make big profit from sales commissions.
Of course they do not at all care about customer service. They only care about high numbers of bookings.
Those very low rates are the only and best way to attract many customers and to collect reservations. But unfortunately, those very low rates are not the final ones. In their websites the brokers manage to hide additional insurances as well as extra costs for many other hidden items.

How do they do this?

The first step is to show you a very low rate in order to attract your attention, and to make you proceed with a reservation.
The next step is to make you pay the difference by pushing you to buy additional insurances on the scene when you pick up your car, e.g. a ▶ Damage Excess Waiver insurance, or a separate insurance for Tires and Underbody, or for Glass Breakage etc.
The third step is, if you refuse to buy any additional insurance, to block on your credit card a certain amount of money (sometimes up to 3,000 Euros) as a Security Deposit.
The broker's partner in this game, the rent-a-car company which executes the reservation and delivers the car to you, will then of course look forward to even the smallest scratch that you should cause, in order to charge you a high compensation amount.

Poor quality of cars

Unfortunately, the rent-a-car companies who cooperate with brokers will quite often "push" their older and cheaper cars to those customers who booked that way, and will reserve their newer cars such as the new ▶ VW Golf TSI or the new ▶ Suzuki Vitara 4WD Diesel for their own regular customers.

Poor service and customer care

Please do not expect that they would deliver your car to your hotel. In the most cases you will have to take a taxi and spend a lot of money and time when searching for the office of the rent-a-car company which accepted the broker's reservation.
If you should encounter a technical problem with your car and need to have it replaced, they will refuse to come to the place and change it there. Instead, they will tell you to bring the car to their station, no matter how far away it is.

Our opinion

The rent-a-car companies on the scene, such as ▶ www.eurocars-crete.com deal with their customers in a clear and professional way. We know you, we care about you, and we want you to return to us next time. We mainly know that your satisfaction is our best way of advertising.
Our logo stands for complete insurance, service quality, clear transactions and customer care. Our priority is to offer you the best possible service at the best possible rates. For this aim we work hard day by day.

Our advice is ...

not to trust in extremely low car rental rates such as the brokers publish them in the Internet. In the most cases, there are bad surprises hidden in those offers.
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